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About Us

Our customers desire comes first for us. We want to bring them the best!

Being a leading car rental company of Dubai exotic and luxury car rental in Dubai at the most competitive rates ever. AKFA car rental LLC comes with more than 150 luxury fleets from 15 different brands of the world. We believe in taking care of customers’ respect and integrity. All of our business terms end at high standards of loyalty, trust and professionalism. We truly honor the commitments with our clients and even employees. All the clients are like a family to us. So contact us now to reach out to the diverse range of beautiful cars with exotic car rental Dubai. Each and every thing is clearly stated in the contract as to remove any ambiguity and false terms. Lastly, there are no extra hidden payments. You just need to pay the amount that is already decided in the contract.

You will be excited to see the long range of exciting fleets that we comprise. We are offering the top-notch most loved models from all the top-class automobile companies of the world. Brands like BMW, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Chevrolet etc. People from all over the world wanted to relish the opulent driving experience of these exotic cars from supercar rental UAE! Adventure, thrill, excitement, joy, freedom, confidence, these luxury cars have it all for you. Select any of the car models based on your personal purposes, budget and preferences.

Furthermore, we have also brought the best chauffeur services Dubai for our customer’s convenience. Along with that our team of expert support services is available 24/7 to assist you with your queries and to guide you in opting the perfect car model. Our main goal is our customers’ satisfaction and joy so that they can have a comfortable time in the UAE. In order to book a car you simply need to fill out the online form or call us to book it. We offer two methods of delivery, either you come to pick it from our showroom or we will hand over the car to your desired location.

Our Vision

We ensure the most convenient car rental services by offering the suitable model for the ultimate joy for our customers. Our mission is to deliver the most exotic range of cars at the amazing value of money. We want you to enjoy your valuable journey on the roads of Dubai. We believe in sincere efforts and spreading happiness.

Our Mission

Leading the industry passion and determination and to bring innovation, excellence and trust in our car rental services is what defines our true vision. AKFA Car Rental LLC main focus is to make the car rental process easy, secure and smooth for you.